Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day at Grandma and Grandpa Martineau's

Well, it's over half way through the month of May and we are still waiting for Cayce and Nick's baby to arrive. I've been sitting here at Dusty's house, syncing, all day every day. I decided to go to Grandma and Grandpa's (Wayne's mom and dad) yesterday. I had a wonderful day. We just sat and visited and ate cheese and Maple nut goodies. Grandma even drover her and I to the Artic Circle and got us a hamburger. We drove by Dallas and Cayce's new house and I showed it to her. It was really a nice day. We talked about a million things. I really do miss them alot. With my parents gone they are really my only link to the "olden" days. I wished we were closer to them. It was fun talking to someone who thinks the same way Wayne and I do. It's kind of cool, because they live only about 5 minutes from Dallas and Cayce. It was a good day

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's time to catch up again

As usual I'm a little slow. I don't know what happened to me. I used to be on here all the time. It's been since March, so I have a little catching up to do. Porter got baptized. I can't believe he is that big. I'll sub title the pictures and you can tell what has been going on. Another chapter in my life is beginning. I received a new call at Stake Conference yesterday. I am the new 2nd Counselor in the Elma Stake Primary. I am really looking forward to it. It should be so much fun.

Porter got baptized in March.
I sure miss my Arizona kids

The turkey died on Easter morning.
He was too old I think.
I think he just got too fat.
Addie will miss him

Addie modeling some new clothes

Addie and Nevin facing off
I love my babies
Nevin is in California with his dad
and I really miss him.

Addie trying to fill my shoes. Ha Ha

Addie sitting in a tub with her baby

Addie taking care of her baby

Addie modeling the new swimming suit

Addie in the headboard of my new bed

Addie being shut in the headboard
She didn't like that at all

Marley kicking back on her little couch

Marley and her new headbands

Marley being sad.
Isn't she adorable

Easter again
Marley in the sock drawer

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dallas & Chelsea's wedding

We are so thrilled that Dallas and Chelsea decided to get married. We love them dearly. Chelsea was a beautiful bride and Dallas was a handsome groom. Marley was also adorable. We love you Dallas, Chelsea and Marley. There are still more pics. I'll post more when I get them.

Dallas, Chelsea & Marley Martineau
Martineau kids
I love it when we can get them all together

Grandma & Grandpa Martineau
Wayne and Ronna
Kids and spouses

Brandon and Tiffani & kids
and Grandma and Grandpa Martineau

Brandon and Penny

Aunt Cayce and Mallory

Uncle Caleb and Liam

Grandma Ronna and little miss Mallory

The gorgeous cake
The flowers are either fondant cutouts
or painted on. It was so awesome.

Russ, Dusty, Cody and Kobi Evans

Very rare pic of the Barnett clan
Mark, Michelle, Emilie, Aiden & Liam

New baby goat

Wayne's little farm is growing. It would be okay if we could just keep the chickens alive. We had a few moe assaults and so now we are down to 1 rooster and 3 chickens. They are all happy (because they get to go out now) and so we get pretty much 3 eggs a day. The baby goat is our first baby and we are so excited.

The turkey is still around
He loves being nosy. He just follows everybody around all day long.
Penny hates him, but he's pretty cool

Mama and baby

Baby goat - I think he looks like a llama

Me and the baby goat.

Wayne and the baby
Maggie watching on
Mama making sure he's okay

The bunny just hangs out

This is the dad goat.
His horns are so nasty

The baby and mama resting

Monday, March 8, 2010

Catching Up

I haven't been on for a while again. Sorry. Here are a bunch of catch up pics. We just got back from Dallas and Chelsea's wedding over the weekend, and as soon as I get Tiff's pics I will post them. Everyone is going well. Rich is still working at his mom's place in California, so Ginger and the kids miss him. Penny is getting married (I'm sure you all know that already).

Look at this huge egg

The turkey is still around
We have decided to use him for security
He scares the crap out of everyone

Wayne giving Addie a "piggy back" ride
down the stairs.

Penny quilting
She actually liked it

Our little pregnant Cayce - Isn't she cute

Conol got baptized in January

Conol at the pinewood derby

Proud Grandpa
and his new baby goat (boy)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 2009

Here are my pics from December. Tiffani would call it picture overload. Oh well. The kids were here for Thanksgiving and we had lots of fun. It was rainy though. We went to Utah the following week for James's wedding. It was snowy and cold. We came home to really really cold, but it has warmed up some now. December has been busy with our church jobs. Wayne got a new one, he is now a High Councilman. Penny and I are both still in Primary, but they are changing our classes. Ginger and Michelle are both still in Relief Society. We all stay pretty busy. We sure love and miss everyone down south of us. (Everyone is except maybe Dustin)

Elder Hattabaugh just before he was transferred.
We will really miss him.

The wedding cake that Michelle made.
It was so pretty

Aiden's birthday cake. Cool huh

Addie and her favorite Christmas present

Addie and new pig tails.

Emilie and Addie decorated for Christmas

Addie in one of Penny's shirts

Addie reading the newspaper with Grandpa

Addie in her cute little glasses

Cayce, Addie, Penny & Nevin in Utah

Kael, Cayce, Addie, Penny & Nevin in Utah

Russ kicking back after paint the wall to his right

My handsome Caleb - I love his hair

Nevin kissing Marley

Addie and Marley in the dishwasher

Addie & Marley sharing a pop and a bottle

Addie and Marley sharing the pop

Addie and Marley still sharing the pop

Addie and Marley conspirint

Dallas, Chelsea and Marley

Grandma Kay and Marley and Addie

Grandma Kay and Marley

Cayce and Nick and Penny

James and Jennifer Martineau & Cody and Kael

James and Jennifer and Cody

Wayne, Caleb and Dusty

Conol, Kael, Nevin & Addie

Conol, Kael, Nevin and Addie

Conol, Kael, Nevin and Addie

Grandma Kay & Grandpa Wendell
and the Tejada kids

James and Jennifer in the snow & Brandon

James and Jennifer coming out of the temple