Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day at Grandma and Grandpa Martineau's

Well, it's over half way through the month of May and we are still waiting for Cayce and Nick's baby to arrive. I've been sitting here at Dusty's house, syncing, all day every day. I decided to go to Grandma and Grandpa's (Wayne's mom and dad) yesterday. I had a wonderful day. We just sat and visited and ate cheese and Maple nut goodies. Grandma even drover her and I to the Artic Circle and got us a hamburger. We drove by Dallas and Cayce's new house and I showed it to her. It was really a nice day. We talked about a million things. I really do miss them alot. With my parents gone they are really my only link to the "olden" days. I wished we were closer to them. It was fun talking to someone who thinks the same way Wayne and I do. It's kind of cool, because they live only about 5 minutes from Dallas and Cayce. It was a good day

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Aunt Tiff said...

you mean youre not from the olden days?:) jk...we always love visiting them!!